Casinos are a great place to relax and rejuvenate. But there are some people who believe that casinos are more than just a place of unabashed entertainment; and therefore, they don’t mind investing their hard earned money on a spilling wheel. This is totally insane! However, this does not mean that winning handsome money from a casino game is virtually impossible. Nope, there are some ways you can beat the odds at casino without breaking your bank.

Try out the following tricks if you wish to earn more money than what you have spent on a casino –

Learn to Say No

We are all aware of the fact that the majority of casino houses enjoy a 5% edge at games like roulette and that means, you have pretty good chance of winning at the first couple of spins. But as the game continues, your chance for winning at the game progressively decreases. So, that means, if you continue to play roulette for an unspecified period of time, the casino house is going to beat you hands down. You need to know when to stop play otherwise you are going to lose badly.

Find the Faults

Like any other mechanical instrument, roulette wheel suffers from wear and tear. Sometimes, it affects their capabilities to generate random number. It has been observed that the old a roulette wheel gets, the more it starts favoring certain numbers. So, if you by any chance manage to guess those numbers, bingo! Joseph Jagger is one such person who managed to guess those biased number and he won a massive $400,000.


Of course gambling is all about luck and so does any other sports. You always need some help of lady luck to be able to achieve something. However, luck is not only ingredient of success. You need to have some skills otherwise you will never be able to win at any game no matter how lucky you are otherwise. You need to learn all the tricks of the game and also you need to practice as long as it needs to achieve perfection.

Don’t Try Free Booze

Okay, let’s accept the fact there is no such thing as free lunch. You have to earn things and therefore, you have to be cautious whenever you are offered free drinks. Casino owners are not definitely silly; they know that as soon as you get intoxicated, you will start spending more money and this will make up for the cost of the free drinks.

Don’t Forget About the Prize Money

Remember that casino owners will go to any length to rake up more money. Therefore, don’t get surprised if you find bikini clad women working as dealers in a casino. They are just decoys. They will entice you with sweet talk to spend more money but you need to keep the focus on the prize amount as sometimes casino owners tamper with prize money amount.

Avoid Keno

Have you ever seen any experienced gambler playing Keno? Well, of course, you have never seen and you know why? Because this game is worthless as the house edge stands at a preposterous 35 percent. Unless you are gifted gambler, you are never going to win in that game.

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