Most Popular Horse Betting Methods Explained

Is betting on horses your favorite pastime now? Do you want to earn more betting on horses? Are you excited to the strategies to bet on horses that will help you to earn twice or thrice the amount of your first bet? Well, betting on horses is an addiction and you are not the only one. Gambling on horses is a fascination for many people. Horse betting has become a lucrative business nowadays. The betting trends are also changing. Now, we see people betting on the contenders in order to increase their earnings.

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Betting Tips for Beginners

The following are the basic horse betting briefing you need to follow to make a penny or two betting on horses.

  • The most common horse betting method for a beginner is an increment of $2. Start with a two-spot and betting on the favorite gives you a 33% chance of winning.
  • Straight horse bets are of three types. Betting on the horse that you think will win the bet is called Win. Betting on a horse to finish the race in the 1st or 2nd position is called Place. The show is the betting on a horse to come in 1, 2 or 3 positions.
  • Betting on horses is more about the odds. Betting on a horse to win 2-1 odds, means that you will end up earning more than the double. Say, you bet $2 and the wining horse can earn you up to $6.
  • Start with placing bets at the betting window. You will stand before a person and read your bet to the person. Never use an electronic gambling machine for first betting.
  • Betting follows a sequence which is the racetrack, the race, amount in dollars, type of bet and horse number.

Pick 3 Strategy

You can bet on horses with a pick 3 and with good strategy you can earn handsomely. You will have to single a horse in a leg to end up winning a hefty payout. Bet only on one horse in one of the legs. It has to be a special horse with odds of 3-1. A value odds horse is a very good candidate to single out. There must be a minimum of 8 horses fielded in the other 2 legs of the pick 3 strategy. The special horse that you find out by checking reports should be the one you are gambling with for the 2 legs. It must have true odd equal to or less than 6-1.


This is a very popular horse betting strategy. Pick 2 races a day in popular racetracks with a minimum of 8 horses. Wait for a long time before placing your bet. Never wait too long and keep an eye on the exacta. It is ideal to use this strategy in races where there are no sure favorites. Only use this for 2 races a card. Never make the top pick and the 2nd pick from the Gold or Diamond Report.

Win Bet Strategy

You should never bet more than 5% of your total bankroll on any of the races. Betting overlays with an idea to win is the best option to enjoy long term profits in horse betting. Visit this website to gain more information about the popular betting tips and strategies.