Odds Of Winning At Baccarat

If you are looking to know how to increase your chances of winning at the บาคาร่า game, the cold truth is that it is a game of luck like any other casino game. However the game being an easy one to play as compared to other games like poker, you will find the odds easier to turn towards your end. It gets better as you play more and learn the tricks of the game or get better at placing bets. If you are looking to find the optimal strategy to play the game you might look at the points mentioned below.

Point to note

When you are planning to play baccarat you need to remember that all players lose in the long run, but it is possible to make a profit even then. If you are looking to win and make money from the game you need to secure your profits and quit while you are winning at the game. This might not be easy to master as it gets tempting when you start playing the game and it might be difficult to stop at a certain round or after playing a few rounds.


You need to know on which hand you should bet on. This will help you increase your chances of winning at the game. It is best that you avoid betting that a tie will result out of a game. This is because there is a house advantage on such a bet which goes up to 14%. It is best to bet on something safer like the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand. There is a 5% tax on the banker in most casinos where the game is played. Even then, you will find it safer to bet on these hands. If you wish to make a lucrative return it is best that you look for casinos where the banker’s tax is a reduced percentage.

Decks played

The other point that makes a difference on your wins would be the number of decks used in a baccarat game. This will directly affect your winning odds. Usually a typical game of baccarat involves eight decks. But there are certain online casinos that offer the game at fewer decks. You might want to bet on the dealer’s hand when you when the number of decks is lower. This will help you have a distinct advantage when playing the game.

Doing research

It is best to read up as much as possible about the game. Many books and articles discuss strategies of the game in detail. The more you know about the game the better are your chances of winning at the game. If you wish to try your hand at the game, there are many online casinos that offer trial games of this kind. You could play with virtual money and understand the nuances of the game properly. Check out Sbobet9.com if you wish to try baccarat playing online. It will surely give you several chances to win at the game.